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  1. I will pass. Mine still looks spectacular and i dont see any reason to buy this new one just for the new face. Good for who didnt get before tho
  2. ¿Las armadura deso J Model funciona en el objeto Bandai? ¿Ya lo sabemos?
  3. migu

    Hades EX

    How was he able to use the original Ex “CAPA” and the Hades EX WINGS? Im highly interested in doing this to my figure
  4. migu

    Hades EX

    Im still not sold on it. Still looks like the 1.0 with a better shapped head. Need to see better photos
  5. migu

    Hades EX

    Damn this looks GOOD
  6. Finally released in Brazil for retail price of €167
  7. So basically not even a new face? This is exactly like the original EX only golden?
  8. Awesome that we are having 3 asgard god warriors in 1 year but I see little improvement. Still looks great. Maybe the upcoming pictures will highlight it more
  9. Mine arrived in BRAZIL! looks so fucking good
  10. I wonder if this Scylla will be widely avaliable in Japan shops since there will be virtually no shipping to overseas
  11. Japan post has suspended mail to 126 countries starting tomorrow. I dont think we will have our Scylla Ex very soon....
  12. Yes! Even if they release a silver saint every 2 years, I am at peace with it. maybe it will be the 2021 annual inedit cloth myth figure
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