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  1. So basically not even a new face? This is exactly like the original EX only golden?
  2. Awesome that we are having 3 asgard god warriors in 1 year but I see little improvement. Still looks great. Maybe the upcoming pictures will highlight it more
  3. Mine arrived in BRAZIL! looks so fucking good
  4. I wonder if this Scylla will be widely avaliable in Japan shops since there will be virtually no shipping to overseas
  5. Japan post has suspended mail to 126 countries starting tomorrow. I dont think we will have our Scylla Ex very soon....
  6. Yes! Even if they release a silver saint every 2 years, I am at peace with it. maybe it will be the 2021 annual inedit cloth myth figure
  7. Noo. I am in japan until september 10th was hoping to buy it while here
  8. Bandai no hablo nada ainda sobre cual es la de fecha que salira Crysaor?
  9. It says 商品には属しません not included on the product (regarding the wall) its an A3 paper they say
  10. Looks AMAZING! Def one of the best in 2019 i wonder the RELEASE DATE. La fecha de salida.
  11. Sera que existe alguna chance deso cloth salir en el começo de septienbre como seiya salira en fecha 10/08? Voy estar en Japon en começo de septienbre y queria ya telo en las manos
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