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  1. Sample Pictures SH Figuarts DRAGON BALL SUPER - Jiren
  2. I don't do the classic ^^ otherwise in a few weeks, I will take photos of my collection and new arrivals !... I must finish the work done in my apartment !
  3. Tuesday or Wednesday we will know the figurine released for the month of June 2020
  4. A friend of mine asked me to sell him Hypnos God of Sleep !!! if members are interested, https://www.ebay.fr/itm/254481217812 or in a private message !
  5. Champion RED March issue is on sale ! Dr. Kurumada's 2020 Saint Seiya Galaxy Calendar is an appendix, Dr. Okada's episode G Assassin, Dr. Teshirogi's LC read-through, Saintia Sho is a series of 72 episodes ... and Dr. Takagawa's Kurumada Suikoden extra edition !!
  6. Nendoroid JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Higashikata Josuke Price & Preorders 23 January 2020
  7. Pharaoh Sphinx is released in 2014 !... do not count for a release in EX format ! ... The EX are improvements of the figurines with good sales potential from December 2003 to June 2011! (Bronze V2, Gold, Renegade Surplice, Judges of the Underworld, Marinas, God Warriors, Gods Elysion) I do not count the secondary Bronzes, the knight women (fair sales), and the Silvers (release always in classic format) Orpheus Lyra EX will probably be released in 2020/2021, (figurine released in June 2006) We must also prepare to see the twin gods EX Hypnos and Thanatos and even Hades EX appear at a Tamashii Nations 2020 I think the next classic spectrum will be Sylphid Basilisk
  8. Saint Seiya Lost Canvas ! Shiori Teshirogi shows images from the new additional chapter of Lost Canvas. In her tumblr, she showed the colorful illustration that opens the special chapter, revealing that Kardia of Scorpio is also in history.
  9. NENDOROID Lion King - Simba 6,300Y - Release August 2020
  10. Figure- rise Standard DRAGON BALL Z - Gohan SSJ2 [New BOX) Figure- rise Standard DRAGON BALL Z - Perfect Cell [New BOX) Figure- rise Standard DRAGON BALL Z - Future Trunks [New BOX) 2500Y - DISPONIBLE !!! NEW BOX Old box Box
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