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  1. J- 2 Goku Day Goku Super Saiyan 4 will appear soon and will be unveiled this weekend ! SH Figuarts Dragon ball GT - Goku SSJ4
  2. For my part, I am waiting for the God warriors, the last marinas and the twin gods ! then I will retire from Saint Seiya !
  3. in 2020, Eichiro Oda, mangaka author of One Piece had said in an interview that the manga would end in 5 years ... Imagine the EX Myth Cloth line in 5 years, yes it's possible that everything will be released ! Fenrir Alioth, Alberich Megrez, Mime Benetnasch, Thor Phecda, Bud Alcor, Odin Seiya Kasà Lyumnades Hypnos, Thanatos, the 5 bronzes V4, Athena Ushio swordfish and Fox Daichi ~ Revival ~ 4 secondary bronzes ~Revival~ Ikki Leo and Shun Virgo Minos Griffon and Garuda Eaques ~ Oce ~ 5 Gold ~Revival~
  4. @atlint83 At Mafex and Megahouse there was also a lot of delay following the Covid pandemic ! it is true that a lot of figurines are made in china, vietnam !... Everything is linked, no doubt! this has never happened since the beginning of the classic and EX line this lack of news and delay ! More than to wait for 21 May !
  5. For the Android saga, Bandai can release this version of Bulma with the baby trunks ^^ it's possible !
  6. During the April 2020 Tamashii demonstration for Hades EX, Bandai stipulated that metal EX miniatures would be specially for highly covering winged miniatures. At the moment, I doubt that Bandai will be able to start with Gold EXs knowing that the ~ Revival ~ versions are not finished.
  7. Review Integrale SH Figuarts Avengers Assemble - Thor by Shishioh !
  8. Review Integrale SH Figuarts Jujutsu Kaisen - Satoru Gojo by Hacchaka ! @Samusvk @klose
  9. for the second part of figure SH Figuarts: Namek ! It's missing ! Zabon Dodoria Neil et Dende Polonga Dragon Krillin Gohan & vegeta namek Clothing Freeza 1st and 2nd transformation, Freeza Final Form Full Power King Cold - Freeza Father Mecha Freeza For the Android Saga new Android 16,17,18 vers. 2 Android 19 and 20 Goku SSJ2 Full Power Imperfect Cell Imperfect Cell 2nd form New Perfect Cell vers. 2 Cell Jr New Trunks and Krillin vers. 2 many characters yet to be released !
  10. Preview Tamashii Nations Tokyo 2021 Figurines presented at Tamashii Nations Tokyo 2021 - 15 May 2021 [Tamashi Web Shop] SH Figuarts DRAGON BALL Z - Bulma ~Departure to Planet Namek~ 6,050Y - Release October 2021
  11. Tamashii Tokyo 2021 Preview TV SH Figuarts Falcon, Winter Soldier a John F.Walker ~Captain America~
  12. @XaThRiD or do Yoga ! to destress some members in need of news ! or play sports in the bedroom! it also relaxes !
  13. @Errormacro For a visual of the box, it is generally necessary to wait 1 month before the release ! A video of Dam or in a preview of Tamashii ! EX Sorrento Siren ~Asgard Battle Final~ figure is released in September ! it will be this summer, in August, that the box will surely be unveiled !
  14. [Tamashi Web Shop] SH Figuarts DRAGON BALL Z - Bulma ~Departure to Planet Namek~ 6,050Y - Release October 2021 J- 3 Goku Day
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