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  1. Bandai must release the Orpheus Lyra EX figurine to be released for the V3 Ex bronzes to be created in EX
  2. @sakuraxchan New ! Saint Seiya Mook Daikaibo - All pages Magazine
  3. Since Bandai is opening the Elysion chapter with Hades ! it is quite possible that in 2021, we having a twin god EX, and Shun Virgo EX or Ikki Leo EX (an easy release, a bronze head v2 EX rearranged and a body of Gold EX, white box like the other 3 Seiya , Hyoga and Shiryu))
  4. Manga Burai novels Super Quest Bunko [Reissue] Release 30 November 2020
  5. Saint Seiya Saintia Shô Vol.14 693Y - Release 17 September 2020 https://books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/16379478/?l-id=search-c-item-text-04&fbclid=IwAR1e3fC1zdVM7sCDZ4dcHZ29ek4QjVnMBL74yLR8V3KLsRuZz9zIXeEF1r4 https://www.amazon.co.jp/聖闘士星矢セインティア翔-14-チャンピオンREDコミックス-車田正美/dp/425323884X?fbclid=IwAR28oX_PNaVv5QlqvTV7HSCfyhnx_V3QG_mqJ0usNHUb9xOhFKdiIJtqoBc
  6. I hope that next year everything will be back to normal ! I would like to come back for a few weeks in Spain and Portugal in the summer of 2021
  7. Bandai managed to give the EX figurine charisma while the anime, Baian did not! (character not exploited enough in the narration of the story)
  8. Tamashii Tokyo 2020 Preview Unicorn Jabu ~Revival~ Release 18 July 2020
  9. Haikyuu TO THE TOP Haikyuu come back for a new serie in October 2020 !!!
  10. @Vega @JonCancerSaint @Saint Danonino NEW !!! Moon Crisis Make-up !!!! New Anime Movie Sailor Moon Eternal - January 2021 NEW Sailor Moon & Chibi Moon Transformation !!!
  11. Marinas format Regular EX Kanon Sea Dragon EX Poseidon & EX Poseidon ~Imperial Throne~ Marinas format Tamashii Web Shop EX Sorrento Siren EX Isaac Kraken EX Krishna Chrysaor EX Io Scylla EX Baian Sea Horse EX Kasaà Lyumnades (surely)
  12. @quierountopo You are asking for advice from someone who has not bought any Myth Cloth for 10 years and has never bought Myth Cloth EX now ! roooooh
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