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  1. Or vice versa ! the one with the most news ! A recolo or revival can be considered a hollow month for Bandai ! They position two figures of this type, so that there is at least one product in this line at the beginning of the year 2021 !
  2. 1 - Are you considering a new line of action figure Saint Seiya, similar in style to the EX 2 - Are you planning to re-release the Untraceable Tamashii Web Shop figure, (EX Aquarius Camus Surplice, Sorrento Siren EX) 3 - Are you planning to continue the action figure collection with the characters from the films Ghost Saint Eris, Corona Saints Abel, God Warrior Dorbal
  3. FIGMA "Death Stranding" Sam Potter Busius Gray Prototype Photo Coming soon !!
  4. What would be cool is that Bandai create a special "Attack Effect" pack Realistic plastic attacks especially for Myth Cloth Figurine and EX !... as we had seen in DDP format V2 bronze attacks, Marinas, God Warriors and even gods! the poses and the rendering would be superb !
  5. a version without "broken armor" but with a sign background of this style
  6. @quierountopo your brother must buy it !
  7. there is still Aldebaran Taurus ~OCE~ to be released to close the gold ~OCE~
  8. For my part, I have always been shocked by the big feet of shun and Seiya ! they are a size 47 ? Shiryu, Hyoga and Ikki have smaller feet and it looks good at the line ! but other faults have been added for these there
  9. if you want to buy the "Broken" version from 2012, you just have to wait for the price to drop ! with this release, it is certain that the prices will drop sharply two months before the release in February 2021!
  10. I can ask my policeman friend, he knows the trick!
  11. The Covid19 virus has undoubtedly slowed down the creation of Myth Cloth EX or classic figurines ! it usually takes 10/12 months of planning (3D construction until the final sale) the Covid19 began in January 2020 in China, a confinement period of 2 and a half months !... This explains the releases of revival and recolo for two or three months for 'January and February 2021) ! here will surely be new features from March 2021 that's for sure!
  12. It all depends on the iP There is the fixed IP and the changing IP! but it's super easy to know the IP addresses of others! A few years ago California police officers showed the trick for harassment and compromising photos on forums! and it works !
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