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  1. Besides, a break is good ! it allows you to take a step back and do better then !
  2. otherwise, to get back to the topic, Maybe Chimaki is taking a break !... mangaka is hard as job! ... especially for a woman ! The figure sold fairly because Saintia Sho is not as famous as the original Saint Seiya manga! ... Bandai probably knew it. They probably did not bet on a huge success, but for them I imagine that releasing 4/5 figurines profitable for them.
  3. Tamashii Feature's in Taiwan Preview Shoko Equuleus ~Saintia Shô~
  4. You can have it with this code but be careful it is until 28 May 2019, for 30Yen ! Seven-Eleven, Photo Paper, L Size 【B8R463B2】 Or, with your printer the paper version below !
  5. Review Integrale Shôko Equuleus by Shishioh !!!
  6. Shoko and Mayura are for the moment the only novelties of 2019 !
  7. Review Integrale Shôko Equuleus by Hacchaka !!!
  8. Inside the Box !!! Preview Shoko Equuleus 8,100Y - Release 18 May 2019
  9. J-4 Shoko Equuleus 8,100Y - Release 18 May 2019
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