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  1. Review Integrale Figma Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Tanjiro Kamado ~DX Vers.~ by Shishioh ! @XaThRiD @domenech29 @gneferu @Samusvk @Tourette
  2. it's often like that for each pre-order at Nin Nin ^^ but I believe that the best is to wait two more months to acquire Hypnos at a good price, whether in Spain or France!
  4. Loranzo

    Nin-Nin game

    Preorders ! EX Metal Hypnos ~God of Sleep~ 17,600Y - Release December 2021 https://www.nin-nin-game.com/fr/myth-cloth-ex/51001-saint-seiya-myth-cloth-ex-hypnos-bandai-.html
  5. And still no news of the Captain America mafex figurine. Those who order Mafex figurines, is this always as long, between preorder and sale. One year of waiting...
  6. A bronze V3 EX is planned for the first half of 2022 apparently. I hope it's the dragon or the swan
  7. Tamashii.fr EX Aries Mu ~Revival~ 103 Euros - Release 16 August 2021 Preview Figurines !
  8. EX Metal Hypnos ~God of Sleep~ 17,600Y - Release December 2021 Preorders 2 August 2021 (16h00 Japan Time) August 2 (Monday) Reservation lifted "Saint Cloth Myth EX Hypnos, the God of Sleep" Colored prototype introduction One of the twin gods, "Hypnos, the god who controls sleep," who lives in Elysion, the garden of gods where only the chosen ones are allowed to come after death, has been added to the lineup of "Saint Cloth Myth EX" following the lord Hades. Before the reservation ban is lifted on August 2nd (Monday), let me tell you about its charm. The shiny brilliance of "surplice" colored with gold and violet plating creates a mysterious beauty that invites everything to an eternal sleep. Hypnos was released in "Saint Cloth Myth" in 2008, but due to the accumulation of technology for more than 10 years, the reproducibility of the image in the play such as the volume of the skirt, the shape of the front hanging of the shoulder, the balance of each part, etc. It has improved dramatically. If you have one, you should be able to feel the great evolution of the series by comparing them. A head with beautiful golden hair and eyes. The fit of the mask that covers the entire face is also a noteworthy point. Includes 4 types of replacement face parts to create a variety of facial expressions. With a finish that accurately grasps the character, such as a cold smile that looks down on humans, you can enjoy reproducing every scene in the play. The Hypnos body uses the "EX METAL body" following the previously released "Saint Cloth Myth EX Meiou Hardes" . By using die-casting for key points such as elbows and knees, both the sense of unity between the body and the garment and the high holding power that is comparable to the weight of the sacred garment are achieved. The movement on the side of the garment is also very excellent, and as you can see, the upward shoulder flip-up required when activating "Eternal Drowsiness" can be reproduced without any inconvenience. Not only the robe but also the white robe that was worn during non-combat is included. It is a high-class fabric made of cloth material, and it is an accessory that makes you feel the style of a god standing in Elysion. One of the basic gimmicks of the series, the rearrangement to the object form is also alive and well. Since Hypnos's garment does not have an animation setting in the form of an object, this time it is summarized in the original shape based on the disassembled installation drawing of the original and based on the design of the animation version. In addition, as an option, the Torah ark, in which the souls of the twin gods were sealed, is included. In addition to being able to open and close the lid, it also comes with a sticker that can reproduce Athena's sealed tag. The decisive battle with the bronze saints in sacred clothing at Elysion ! Enjoy the battle between the boys who give their lives for love and justice on earth and the gods who try to dye the earth into darkness. "Saint Cloth Myth EX Hypnos, the God of Sleep" will be available for preorder at general stores from Monday, August 2, 2021 !
  9. Afterwards, the DAM videos do not highlight the figurine, a video with too much contrast and brightness, no effort on the poses ! it will be necessary to wait until August 19 for the visuals of real professionals of the photos and videos !
  10. Stop complaining ! anyway, you buy even the "ugly" figurines ! In January it's Minos Griffon ~OCE~ EX Metal, so, no revival on the horizon, for the moment !
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