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  1. Grazie al cielo non mi è successo niente. Solo che avevo chiesto la cancellazione dell'account ma ho ottenuto solo un blocco BTW La cosa migliore del brand si è fatta doppiare da Episode G Requiem che ha venduto circa 6 mila copie rispetto alle 3500 di Sho 15 http://shosekiranking.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3491.html Ciao mi silenzio altri 12 mesi
  2. ? Is a fake news... Mister Sato have planning for the 5th anniversary of Cosmo Fantasy at April... And today start the celebration of 10 million of downloads with myth Clothes as prizes. If there isn't a link about the end of game don't worry.
  3. Is a good choice to celebrate the 35th anniversary of original anime with the original characters reissue of steel saints. I think is a good celebration also for Cosmo Fantasy as said Mister Sato for the cooperation with myth line. The 3 steel are already an event of the game last year
  4. No new books for January https://www.akitashoten.co.jp/comics/comingsoon/3?page= See you to next month or at spring 2021
  5. Someone needs the Omega version? https://images.app.goo.gl/UmUz5JEnn2ERZSnY7
  6. BTW Sho is not the first. Also the white pope have more edition (first Tamashii Nation, Asia Tamashii Nation and campaign)
  7. The only exclusive of the figures on TWS is the number of copies. If there is a new edition there is some modification on the product. End of story.
  8. The proto is a painted figure... The final is different for sure.
  9. 0oh please... Dragon Ball is full of figuarts TWS with another edition. If the people buy myth for value are stupid.
  10. Because there isn't the official presentation of Shura... But for now 1 face and 2 hands.
  11. Juan but for win you need 3 characters is a rule
  12. But are ideas for the magazine of December right? Because for November are the April release and only Taurus is in the last magazine. Also if is possible a TWS of May 2020 in the magazine... Well is not a my problem
  13. Is not a secret sell more copies of Saintia Sho in Japan.
  14. Shura Revival and Seiya 24K in a box because have the lottery mode always for April 2021
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