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  1. Io riesco tranquillamente a leggere e capire lo spagnolo, ma non so scriverlo. Qualcuno si lamenta se scrivo in italiano, qualcuno se uso google translate per l'inglese. Si riesce ad andare oltre questo problema?
  2. First: they did a new athena with abel and it wasn't who knows a masterpiece Second: the Abel + Athena pack was a disaster and was "in great demand"... imagine now unsolicited things like asgard.
  3. Yes, the figures of the 15th Anniversary, Pope Shion, Shoko, Milo and Ares Saintia Sho… Maybe others characters… but i don't remember in this moment. As for current events at the tamashii nation, they have already presented the promotional campaign shared by Cosmo Fantasy and the Myth Seiya Shadow Since they have already anticipated that from the end of January to March there will be a campaign dedicated to Saintia Sho ... I thought at the end of January it could be the time for a new product of this line. Other products that are almost certainly related to comics are: Crateris Sukyio(already in survey) with ND and Seiya V1 with the release of the Ultimate Edition.
  4. I understand that for those who are used to seeing the god warriors' order of the stars, a company's marketing plans are too complicated. Sorrty You can keep talking about the cid and mizar pack ... don't worry. You can ignore it all, I don't get offended. I prefer to get ideas based on the namco surveys, or their plans in common with the video game always made by bandai.
  5. The marketing campaign for this product continues, which will probably end soon with the beginning of myth bookings.
  6. I thought it was clear that this is a topic of supposition and that Cosmo Fantasy is the only Bandai game that shares marketing plans with myth cloth. We can make ideas of their work and their plans. For example it is likely that as Seiya Shadow (Dark) begins its campaign tomorrow, reservations will be officially opened at the end of the month. In the next quarter, as from the end of January there is a marketing campaign on Saintia Sho, it is probable that bookings for a Saintia Sho myth will begin at the end of January.
  7. Last Update of Cosmo Fantasy Magazine for Dicember 2020 https://saint-seiya-info-en.sega-net.com/apps/info/detail/074839.html New Character of Saintia Sho in Jan-March 2020 I personally believe that Mayura - Saga - Aiolia is approaching in the game and in the myths. Then I hope it's really the end of this series. The more one thing does not sell the more they exaggerate with the promotion ... extremely popular and does not sell in any format. p.s. For the game i think the update also for Equuleus Kyoko and Shoko Power up cloth.
  8. In Cosmo Fantasy are anime color. Seiya Sagittarius God Cloth, ecc, ecc
  9. Oh don't worry Bandai have others characters ready from videogame. Aries Shion God Cloth - Kanon God Cloth - the bronze five in gold god cloth… ecc
  10. Toma is ok also for me… but Cosmo Fantasy introduce 4 new characters a month between unpublished and recolor. it's impossible to do them all simultaneously I thought they would announce it last month before the tamashii nation
  11. Ah ok Pallas… is palas in your sentence. I understand now.
  12. If you talk about this armor… is more similar to Ophiuchus then Athena. Maybe is the same man who have used the cloth of Pallas for the Object of Saintia Sho Ares.
  13. Unfortunately, the Chinese games (Tencent Awanking) make improper use of the license, as at the time also saint seiya online. They are officers because they pay for the saint seiya license ... but then they create fictional characters and don't pay the other minor licenses. Instead the game Namco Bandai, has all original characters and pays for the various licenses. Being Cosmo Fantasy a Bandai game, it also does marketing campaigns simultaneously with the launch of the myth cloths that are from the same company.
  14. The two characters' hair has two obvious different sculpt styles. Kyoko's hair has useless lines like those of the ex series.
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