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  1. The official color of Minos OCE for Bandai are here violet and pink. No are not the same of Vermeer from ND of course.
  2. Maybe this year is different... We have the 35th anniversary of SS, the 15th of LC, the return of ND and the final edition all in 2021...
  3. Ye, fan fiction as the 13th gold saint myth... An anonymous character only for pigeons because is not Odysseus and is not Asclepios
  4. Marin and Shaina don't need a metal body. And after Athena they can use the body for Pallas, Phantasos and Ker.
  5. Mi è venuta una domanda in mente. Non so se è troppo tardi ma la faccio. Negli altri anni ci sono stati prodotti come ad esempio https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000112654/ Prodotti su ordinazione e con dei bonus al raggiungimento di un determinato numero di prenotazioni. Sarebbe carino fosse proposta per la linea Saint Cloth Myth per quei personaggi che pensate non vendere abbastanza o per prodotti già usciti da ristampare. Esempio: Crane Yuzuriha 8.000 Yen 5000 pieces min First extra score 6500
  6. Ikki Leo and Virgo Shun around Thanatos in a diorama are 3 products in 1.
  7. Is a permanent store with exclusive item, not an event.
  8. In accordance with the press conference of Zodiac Brave/CosmoFantasy game the next news are from Weekly Shonen Champion magazine... But without book in planning this news are for December, January or later.
  9. I continue to read people who, despite the flops of the figures, keep asking characters who would have the sales of a condominium for a company. However, just to be correct in vintage format there are also black v2.
  10. Lost Canvas starts again on digital Weekly Shonen Champion from this week (n.45/2020) Enjoy guys
  11. About figures as Sukyo, Seiya v1, ecc. ND and the final edition are definitely postponed for the 2021, maybe also the figure aren't in Tamashii Nation 2020 (6-8 November)
  12. No books for December. The return is for 2021 https://www.akitashoten.co.jp/comics/comingsoon/3
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