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  1. LOL the proto of Queen are now on road for the Tamashii Nation or Spain or Italy
  2. This chapters are all part of the Ultimate Edition of the original manga. The same for the 3 new chapters of Fuma no Kojiro, are part of the new edition of this manga. The aren't mistery. Is only a road for upgrade the old manga and sell these comics again.
  3. The next chapters of Next Dimension foresee the arrival of Odysseus at the 7th house where Sukyio lies dead. Obviously the release of a myth was designed to go out together and then something went wrong. They also put the crateris object inside Knight of the zodiac for marketing...
  4. I have not completed the God Cloths because I didn't like the wings of God Cygnus and the Gold Specters for the skin color of Saga. I have not repented. Today I would be able to suspend a manga just because I don't like the last cover. People should be more aware of their money.
  5. Stand robot - WIP This is year there are 2 stand in 2 different places. This is one of two. The Myth series is in the other stand.
  6. Please don't do this survey before Shun's release tomorrow October 17th.
  7. Postponed due to the typhoon, the new official start date is October 17th
  8. Not this year. The Akita Shoten planning of December don't have the new book of ND, and for that there isn't a new season of chapters for the 2019.
  9. Final Data for Box 1: 309 Copies (less of Omega) http://www.someanithing.com/10658 Now Ranking Oricon (Daily) Saintia Sho Box 2 (DVD) October, 8 (day before official release) 11th https://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/da/d/2019-10-08/p/2/
  10. Last tankobon December, 20 https://www.akitashoten.co.jp/comics/4253238416
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