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  1. About the new chapter maybe is on Virgo Asmita https://satsukimaru.tumblr.com/post/623593145549094913/何だかんだと家の事や手をつけられなかった事などしてると忙しなくなってしまいます-それと各地
  2. Because there is the common illusion that the quantities booked on the site are produced on the real reservation... Instead we have known for years that the quantities booked and produced are decided before opening reservations. This is why Animexico knows the releases first. They have to book quantities. The trick is that once put into production and the Japanese order more than expected ... They have to cut quotas to other nations. It doesn't seem difficult to me.
  3. Nope. Remember cut copies? The difference between the marina and the god warriors is the distribution of figure. In Japan need more marina - - - >cut copies in Europe and Latina America. In Europe need god warrior few copies in Japan store. Simple.
  4. Capricorn Shura OCE survey https://p-bandai.jp/enquete/1000009108/ Mizar Syd is now an option but too later... Taurus OCE and Kaysa are always here.
  5. Juan just for information ... Don usually appeals to either a priest or a member of the Mafia.
  6. But above all, do you know any recent Bandai lines in which they have redone all the characters from one line to another? So I wouldn't stay with this illusion.
  7. Maybe is this the body for the woman ex... 🤣 The normal body + metallic joint for Athena and thetis For Marin and Shaina not.
  8. I think is a good product for the special mobility of Ex Series... Right?
  9. And the peoples refunds this new style every time there is a new project. P. S. Remember for the Japanese poseidon, or Isaac, minos ex had impersonal face.
  10. For general info... I never buyed the old Hades because I don't like him.
  11. Ask at you girlfriend if is a good figure for the trash 👌
  12. Have already different color... See better the figure. 😉
  13. Is the same... Is not Kurumada style. Is not a bad choice for you but isn't the original character but an interpretation.
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