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  1. Manigoldo have a curiosity. The designed object is not in the anime. We need the both
  2. In this case are really crazy this manager... I think if released Hpnos and Shun, Seiya and Thanatos, or Hyoga and Shiryu in same time at 15.000 cad. Is the end of series
  3. Ok ma non lo definerei ambizioso... Sono anni che a fine anno ci sono doppie e triple uscite... If you remember the 15th Anniversary. Ambitious for me is a project with low prospective.
  4. A fan warned me that Kurumada's Otoko Zaka is back in the summer. Is it possible that they postponed Next Dimension to autumn / winter? Secondly, always with regard to the video, according to Carlos there would be an ambitious project for the end of the year in planning. The only ambitious project would be either the Divine of Athena or that of Hades ... For an ex Elysion it would not have all this clamor I think...
  5. The official name of this character on TMS script is RASGADO... The same for Latin American fandom for Cancer: the original name is from italian and have the O... MANIGOLD+O
  6. Executives need to be woken up step by step. It's not easy.
  7. This are wrong Fandom ideas. Lost Canvas have contract problem. The fail of Soul is in this video and the cut copies was a big fandom alert. Sorry try again.
  8. What part of the words "personal producer" by miss kuori don't understand? If this influencer man is a investor with more $$$ have the power for all this initiatives. And for sure after the main series is already planned a "special book" with the high number of colors pages of this Manga. For the normal people maybe is strange, not for me.
  9. Ehm isn't completely true because after 7 million of copy, 41 books and 6 special chapters maybe there is a work that did the right mess... Guess what it is?
  10. After 10 years, I think is now the time for return on Lost Canvas brand and maybe the new chapters on Champion Red is a hint of this.
  11. Because is another fail project. Nobody want character of a circus: the ball man, the invisible man, the horse man, the man with lion heart, ecc, ecc. Maybe is better open the eyes now before another illusions.
  12. I don't invent anything and these interviews then prove it. You cannot create extra episodes or more myth of a series if these are not foreseen in the contract. This is the case with Lost Canvas. There is no success of Omega, Saintia Sho or Soul of Gold. This is also explained in this video. Chimaki has already explained about this special producer who had Santia Sho. I linked it twice. It was he who decided to make an anime even if the manga was not strong. The manga is already closing. What is the problem with your?
  13. Wrong way. Are the 2 only figures on planning and is black on white on the booklet of the first DVD. And sorry for your illusion but Santia Sho is an horrible anime from the worst seller Manga on the brand. This is clear and have explained also by Chimaki Kuori. The man that have created the illusion of promote a good manga with an anime is her special productor. Without him we haven't an Anime.
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