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Saint Seiya Himeno/Araki Mangaka Works

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Saint Seiya Michi Himeno/Araki Shingo Various Talented Works
let's move on to the illustrated works of Michi Himeno and Shingo Araki !

If you find other illustrated works, you can post them for the comrades of the forum !


Scenes that will be used later in Saint Seiya
Manga Alexandria Monogatari


taFeYTBx_o.jpg W7OFreDS_o.jpg UED7agys_o.jpg UFKna2Rc_o.jpg NrPTTm10_o.jpg 6Rw0y104_o.jpg WhiVio21_o.jpg QcaDl0VL_o.jpg


@Trem83@Vega@Tourette@SpecterLune @gneferu 


See you tomorrow for more pictures!

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