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Venda(Pre order) Custom Cloth Sagittarius Galaxian War Ver. EX - Renato's Custom

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Pre-order (23/07 - 7/08)

Hi, everyone! Finally I come here to announce the pre-order of the Custom Sagittarius Galaxian War ver. EX! The figure will be sold in 3 versions:

1. Just the printed pieces/Garage Kit: all pieces in 3D printing resin, cured, no supports and pre-sanded (to remove support residues). IMPORTANT: May need more filling and sanding before painting.
2. Painted pieces without the body: finished pieces (painted), but without EX body. IMPORTANT: hand pegs may vary depending on the brand or body version, requiring some adaptation.
3. Painted pieces with EX body: complete figure.

All versions will include personalized boxes with blisters and also:
- 02 closed hands with gloves
- 01 arrow shooting action right hand
- 01 forearm with retracted bow
- 01 forearm with open bow
- 01 arrow
The target date for finishing and shipping each Cloth is 02 months for the first batch of 25 units. Each new batch of 25 units, if any, will require an additional 01 month to be shipped. The shipping order will be according to the payment confirmation. The production time starts at the end of the pre-order (08/08)
Payments will take place as follows: 30% down payment and the remaining 70% + shipping costs when the item is ready for shipment.

The payment is only via Paypal and the prices for each version are:
1. Just the printed pieces: 58 USD or 50 EUR + shipping costs
2. Painted pieces without the body: 90 USD or 77 EUR + shipping costs
3. Painted pieces with EX body: 137 USD or 115 EUR + shipping costs

To have an estimate of the shipping costs: the shipping box will be around 30x30x15 cm and my zip code is 71907-000 (city Brasilia; state: DF). You can quote it here: https://efi.correios.com.br/.../simulaPrecoPraz.../index.php

If you are interested, you can contact me directly via DM or Whatsapp on +55 61 9 9903 0274. I will also create a group with buyers to keep them updated on the manufacturing progress. 

If you have any questions, you can ask here on this topic or DM me.

Prototype photos(i'm Reworking the paint, and most of the "print marks" are only because I was rushing to test the paint issues on the tolerances):


Thank you for your time, folks!

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hace 14 horas, Xac dijo:

Will there be an object support so it can be posed as it appears almost all the time in the anime?

Sadly no. Doing the full armor + object would be too much for me at the moment. Many people are asking for the object only. Maybe in the future I will do the object only version.

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