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  1. Thanks @oconol ^^ The odin statue is almost done printing, only missing the cape. I swear that I bought a better resin, it is being delivered this week. Next prints(Lucifer and Shion) you will be able to see the details XD Lucifer update:
  2. just started to print this for a client: Here some pics: edit: A new body just arrived, so it is time for Lost canvas and OME(original manga edition XD) Also: I bought a opaque resin for better photos, this Clear resin sucks for photos.
  3. a teaser for the next project, just got a new commission: just blocked out most of the shapes, next step is to add details and refine everything:
  4. Thanks! Thanks! finally i'm getting some work done XD Thanks! For the gold saints i'm planing to model 3 heads (lost canvas, santia sho and next dimension) and the armor variations for it based on chimaki kuori and shiori teshirogi designs
  5. Modeling and test printing a commission Fit like a glove! Aries lost canvas & manga EX(the classic manga parts will be added after): Seiya Manga v2 EX (an early base model):
  6. insta: @heromaker_cosplay
  7. If you are interested, I can take a commission to model it or even a custom more complex version, just let me know if you are interested ^^
  8. Shion EX Lost canvas Edit: Fake Sagittarius EX @miniacture
  9. the Sculpture of this seiya is almost done, soon will be time to work on the topology, rigging and shaders.
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