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  1. @peryco yeah, i'm planning to run small batches of each figure, like 50-100 units. I'm still deciding if it will be just garage kits, painted kits or both
  2. I'm still thinking on what to do about lost canvas.... one of my ideas is to make the armors and heads to fit a g3 or EX body. I'm inclined to g3 because of tenma and kagaho. at the moment my ideas are: Legend of sanctuary - Statues with the same scale as Saint cloth legend series Omega - non removable armor figures with cloth myth classic scale Lost canvas - Armor and head kits to custom g3 bodies Episode G - 1/6 or 1/4 statues because of the armor details we did a g3 body 3d scan to work over it:
  3. Testing primers and sanding on an out of scale piece.
  4. Changed the topic title because I will post more projects related to other Saint seiya series than LoS... and this is a thing that i'm gonna revive ^^
  5. This jamian cloth is the manga version, wtf?
  6. 1st case of G2 to g3... would be nice to see some g1(v2 and golds) to g3
  7. almost 20 years of Cloth myth and people still can't tell the difference between EX and classic... shame
  8. https://www.instagram.com/miniacture/ Some scale renders ^^
  9. perfect print! Update: 1 Win and 1 fail XD
  10. FINALLYYYY, I bought a resin 3D printer. the pegasus LoS is beeing printed right now!!! it will be at 1/9 scale like the SCL. 5 more hours and the first leg is done!
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