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Manga Dragon Ball Super Gallery [40th Anniversary]


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DRAGON BALL SUPER GALLERY: A special project for the 40th anniversary of Dragon Ball

The year 2024 will mark 40 years since Dragon Ball was serialized in Shonen Jump magazine in Japan. And to mark the occasion, Shueisha will launch a special project next month, “DRAGON BALL SUPER GALLERY“. In it, many renowned mangakas will be invited to draw the cover of one of the 42 volumes of the Dragon Ball manga each month, which will then be published in the Japanese monthly magazine Saikyo Jump.


vrrDPpSo_t.jpg Hm4CaJqL_t.jpg HBvWRcrm_t.jpg h5IJWPTy_t.jpg 0xLRnn9u_t.jpg 8lktRtiP_t.jpg P52l9sUZ_t.jpg kCSH5IKh_t.jpg DuYF7ok2_t.jpg z8MgZqN8_t.jpg 2lbTV8YA_t.jpg vSXALFv8_t.jpg OcNfjM7r_t.jpg ReKIkUSv_t.jpg bE7J5FFQ_t.jpg 0SSrmBC7_t.jpg



Today !

The cover of volume 31 of DRAGON BALL redesigned by Kentaro Yabuki (To-Love Ru, Ayakashi Triangle) for the DB Super Gallery of the 40th anniversary of the manga !





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