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Imágenes de Saint Seiya generadas por la AI (Inteligancia artificial)


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Estamos presenciando la evolución de los generadores de imágenes impulsados por inteligencia artificial (AI). No solo hay cada vez más propuestas de este tipo, sino que muchas de ellas están llegando a estar disponibles para todos los usuarios. Las más conocidas al dia de hoy son DALL-E 2, Midjourney y StableDiffusion.


Estas herramientas crean una imagen a partir de una descripción (en ingles). Es por eso que les propongo postear la frase que utilicen junto a la imagen generada asi como el nombre de la AI.


Abro este hilo en el foro para todos aquellos quienes quieran experimentar con esta nueva tecnología y gusten compartir sus "creaciones" sobre Saint Seiya



DALL·E - a knight with gold armor and golden metallic wings, red clothes, about to shoot a golden arrow from a bow, with a background of Greek ruins



DALL·E - an old man with a white beard and purple skin in traditional Chinese clothing and a kasa hat, sitting in the lotus position on a cliff with a waterfal



DALL·E - a beautiful woman with long violet hair, wearing a white dress with a wide skirt, holding a golden staff, in the background a giant statue of athena m


DALL·E - a warrior wearing silver armor, red neoprene clothing, punching, screaming, in the background a starry sky, and some pegasus-shaped clouds


DALL·E - a warrior with long straight hair, looking sideways, showing a dragon tattoo on his back, green leggings, inside a dark room with Greek pillars


DALL·E - a young man with green hair, wearing a armor color pink, white neoprene clothes,  with large shoulder pads, two long chains coming out of his wrists


DALL·E - a blonde warrior, with a blue short-sleeved shirt, plush boots, black pants, in front of a hole in a frozen lake, in Antarctica, with a northern light


DALL·E - the silhouette of a warrior walking head-on through a giant bonfire with fire in the shape of a phoenix


DALL·E - 12 Greek temples linked by a path of stairs on a rocky hill and a tower with a fire clock at its base, on top a Greek statue


DALL·E  - a rocky mountain with stairs covered in red rose petals


DALL·E - rows of zombies walking to the top of mount fuji, the floor with many blue fire pits, purple sky


DALL·E  - a figure in the form of a pegasus made with pieces of armor


DALL·E  - a dark stadium with a white ring, with two warriors fighting bare-knuckle, one of the warriors with long blue hair and the other short brown hair


DALL·E  - a Greek temple located under the sea surrounded by 7 pillars and some corals


DALL·E - a cave with prison bars at the bottom of some capes


¿Que les parecen? ¿interesantes verdad?







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