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Saint Seiya Edition Special 18h Anniversary [Red Champion]

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RED Champion October issue

Release 19 August 2020 - 840Y

18th Anniversary & Saint Seiya
Cover: Masami Kurumada
Read through: Lost Canvas Extra Edition, Episode G Requiem Extra Edition
Appendix: 4 special galaxy posters (Masami Kurumada, Chimaki Kuori, Metake Okada, Shiori Teshirogi)





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Preview New illustration by Kurumada for Red Champion

RED Champion October issue

Release 19 August 2020 - 840Y


The illustration appears as an extra card for this month's Red Champion.

Recalling that this month's edition will be a Saint Seiya special with gifts, a new chapter of Saintia Sho,

a special chapter of Episode G Requiem and the final chapter of the Lost Canvas special



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RED Champion October issue

Release 19 August 2020 - 840Y


Saint Seiya's Cover illustrated by Masami Kurumada;
The magazine celebrates its 18th anniversary with:
- additional chapter of episode G Requiem, the end of the LC extra (check the first part in the previous posts) and the return of Saintia Sho;
- 4 posters (Galaxy Special Poster) with illustrations by Kurumada, Okada, Teshirogi and Kuori;
- drawing lots of illustrations signed by the authors for the readers.
Champion Red Magazine will be officially published on August 19.
Japanese stores Gamers and Animate will toast the illustration of the card-shaped cover.





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RED Champion October issue

This month's Champion Red will feature the return of Saintia Sho, the end of the Lost Canvas special chapter, an extra episode of Episode G Requiem and posters featuring illustrations by Kuori, Teshirogi, Okada and Kurumada.


Sample footage from Episode G Requiem on Red Champion this month.

Since July, Megumu Okada has donated sample artwork for episode G Requiem. Athena and the legendary Horsemen in Golden Armor will be on the special poster as a toast to this month's edition of Red Champio, which will bring a special chapter from the manga published in the digital magazine Manga Cross.


0IDK6tKf_o.jpg oWcjMkHl_o.jpg Y5n7uhc0_o.jpg c7Y988K9_o.jpg QXokvvXs_o.jpg

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Pegasus Seiya by Masami Kurumada

16,000Y - Release October 2020


<Deadline for September 30! >

"Saint Seiya" duplicate original photo PEGASUS SEIYA [Cover of Champion RED October issue Ver.]

Designed by Masami Kurumada who became the cover of the October issue of Champion RED For a super beautiful original image reproduction full of power !!

The deadline is approaching ! Book quickly !


■ Original size: B4
■ Frame size: Cut into four (approx. 424mm x 348mm)
■ Forehead material: Aluminum (wood grain pattern) / acrylic








- Akita Shoten online store https://akitashoten.shop/?pid=152943851 Illustration

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