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Pantasy Saint Seiya Mini Dolls [Bronze & Gold]

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Pantasy, a Chinese company specialized in producing toys, in the form of building blocks, of several famous intellectual properties, announced that it will launch 7 mini Saint Seiya dolls. 

 Pantasy Pegasus Seiya mini dolls

 Pantasy Aries Mu

 Pantasy Taurus Aldebaran

 Pantasy Gemini Saga

 Pantasy Leo Aiolia

Libra Dohko

 Pantasy Sagittarius Aiolos

The Pegasus Seiya miniature is 26 cm tall, while the Gold Saints' miniatures vary between 13.2 cm and 15.3 cm in height.

More information should be released soon, such as price and release date.


9qJeBomE_o.jpg 2dGy96vu_o.jpg WVRbHQQ2_o.jpg 17Ut4XzU_o.jpg 4Y4L1FGU_o.jpg

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