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Japan Expo France [13/16 July 2023]

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Japan Expo France {13/16 July 2023]

Come and meet Eisaku INOUE, veteran of Japanese animation 

He started on very popular series as an animator in Saint Seiya on the episodes


Episode 011 (Deadly Combat! The Horror of the Black Death)
Episode 040 (On the Road! Our Journey)
Episode 047 (Farewell Hyōga! Rest in Peace, Brave Warrior)
Episode 053 (It's a Man! Cassios, Died for Love)
Episode 060 (Hyōga's Resurrection! Putting His Life on the Line)
Episode 066 (Shiryū disappears becoming a star)
Episode 071 (The Zodiacal Clock Goes Off! The Pope's True Face)
Episode 079 (Despair! The Destiny of Northen Gunrō Ken)
Episode 084 (The Melody of Death! Stringer Requiem)
Episode 089 (Unhealthy Human Sacrifice! The Forest of Spirits)
Episode 094 (Blood Ties! Rest in Your Homeland, Syd)
Episode 110 (Listen! Athena's Wonderful Song)
Jūnikyū hen - 02 (The lamentation of the three)
Jūnikyū hen - 05 (Temporary reunion)
Jūnikyū hen - 09 (The End of Pride)
Jūnikyū hen - 12 (The Cloth of Athena)
Jūnikyū hen - 13 (The decisive morning)


Eisaku INOUE worked on the anime Dragon Ball Z and also on One Piece !

Present at Japan Expo, you can find him at conferences and signings !


Saint Seiya had many animators for all 114 episodes of the anime and the Movies!
The most famous and the most talented are as always Shingo Araki, Aisaku Inoue, Nobuyoshi Sasakado !








His art on some very popular series !


VRVpj9gR_o.jpg yi2byHt3_o.jpg hdELDd6F_o.jpg fwz57HN2_o.jpg l0RCB80v_o.jpg

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