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Exhibition Event C3AFA TOKYO 2020 [17/18 Octubre]


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C3AFA TOKYO 2020 [3/4 October]

Annuled !!!

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the C3AFA TOKYO 2020 due to Covid. 19

Regarding future correspondence, the team is thinking about preserving and presenting figurines online on Youtube

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C3 AFA TOKYO 2020 改為 ON LINE 舉行

3AFA TOKYO Online holding


The other day, we decided to cancel the regular holding of "C3AFA TOKYO 2020" at Makuhari Messe due to the unpredictable spread of the new coronavirus infection.
While looking for various possibilities, the executive committee can provide support and announcement venues for the activities of fans and industry by creating an online initiative that gathers many contents and works. I thought.
"C3AFA TOKYO 2020 ON-LINE" will be held on Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th, 2020, two weeks behind the initial schedule.
Details will be announced on C3AFA TOKYO official Twitter and official website.
We look forward to meeting C3AFA TOKYO 2020 ON-LINE and looking forward to seeing you again online.

C3AFA TOKYO Executive Committee



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