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Akira TORIYAMA Interview (50th Anniversary Weekly Shônen Jump)


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Interview Akira TORIYAMA author (DB, DBZ, DB Super)

50th Anniversary Weekly Shônen Jump !!!




                 It's in the ninth issue of the weekly magazine (30 January 2018, published yesterday in Japan,

that we discover an interview in which the mangaka teaches us many small things, and confirms others !!!


At the beginning of its publication, Dragon Ball was not very successful in opinion polls of the Shônen Jump reader. Kazuhiko TORISHIMA, his publisher at the time, constantly reminded him that the series did not take off popularity issue, which pushed TORIYAMA to launch the Tenkaichi Budokai.

With this tournament, the popularity of the title took off and the author realized that the children liked the fighting and asked for more.

Originally, TORIYAMA did not want to draw manga combat, but to please readers, he clung and says he did his best.

It is the positive feedback from the readership that has given him strength to continue his title.


The journalist tells him that Dragon Ball has become a reference for the fighting manga and has influenced many other writers. What Akira TORIYAMA tells him he does not understand, he thinks that his way of drawing a manga is not good. The author explains himself by saying that he has created a world where everything is possible so that there are no people who can say to him:
"It's impossible, it does not exist".


He concluded by saying that this way of doing things was a way of escaping, before laughing.


The author indicates that he has never suffered mentally but that he has, however, suffered a backlash in his body.

Indeed, TORIYAMA says that when he drew he had a stuffy nose and sneezed a lot.

The doctor he consulted told him that he did not know why it was happening to him and three months after the end of Dragon Ball, he was miraculously cured.

The mangaka says he thinks it was an allergy due to drawing a series. He laughs again!


Akira TORIYAMA says he was not sad when the release of Dragon Ball ended. The author confesses to having to do with having to tackle a small or a large work, which ultimately counts is to do a job that pleases him. The author claims to have recently re-read the Freezer arc (presumably for his work on the film The Resurrection of 'F') and he understands that readers may have wondered what would happen after each chapter but, again today.


He says he does not understand the huge success of this bow.


Finally, the interviewer asks him what the Weekly Shônen Jump represents for him, to which, TORIYAMA answers:
 "It's the magazine that taught me that doing manga was a calling for me. "



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