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  1. Off topic, meanwhile the Chinese in other countries do not have the chance or the will to have long vacation. In Indonesia for example, although Chinese new year is one of official holidays, the Indonesian Chinese bosses only have one day off. This is very different from Indonesian Moslems who have 10 DAYS OFF for Eid al-Fitr. Indonesian Chinese simply wants to keep working, working, and working, to get money, money, and more money. Money is never enough for Indonesian Chinese ....
  2. Yes, my Chinese supplier also said Pisces Girl was next. Yet, there is no precise date.
  3. I don't understand why Bandai LOVES selling expensive stuff by making them Limited. In the past, most SCM were not limited. But nowadays, half of SCM EX are limited item. Even the reguler SCM is now limited also. Bandai, WHY ?! tell me why! : '(
  4. Not many people want to buy DDP line. They are too small, plastic, and have no object. Plus EXPENSIVE!
  5. It's totally pointless! Putting bootleg Chrysaor armor on original Chrysaor object.... If I could affford buying Bandai version, WHY would I need to buy bootleg version and put it on Bandai object ??!!!!
  6. I don't think many will buy Cancer Surplice.... Bandai's price is still affordable. In my own experience in selling JM Surplice line, not many customers are interested in buying Aquarius and Pisces Surplice....
  7. Is RED STAR and Great Toys the same? Why some photos bear the name Red Star???
  8. My Chinese supplier send me some Ares. I thought they were JModel because it was advertised first. So imagine how shocked I was to see, from this thread, that what I received were GT Ares not JM Ares. Don't get me wrong. I like GT more. But I'm really pissed at how paranoid the bootleg factories are nowadays. They are even AFRAID to write down their brand and characters name! In the end, customers like us will get confused! I once sold GT Scorpio to a local customer. He got angry. He accused me of selling worse brandless Scorpio to him. He said there was no Great Toys brand and the
  9. I don't understand why there is so much hatred for this GT Athena -.-' I think they did a good job. I do admit, Athena's face looks a bit different. But overall, it's still great product, considering King product is now gone from the market.
  10. The ONLY way to win this war is by lowering down the price. I have no idea why there is so much GREED in this. Intellectual property is not valid reason for high price, because intellectual property also rules every product. Smartphone for example. There are so many intellectual property in it: bluetooth, the screen, the OS, etc. Yet, some smartphones can be CHEAPER than Bandai action figure! -, - 'It's true that the market for action figure is not as big as smartphone. Still, it's NOT valid reason to sell expensively, considering Bandai has factory. It's another matter if the figures are hand
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