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  1. You know, seeing Isaac's body this way, I had an idea. I think I'll take off Milo's arms (and neck) and swap them with Isaac's body, putting the scorpio armor in the green body of Isaac and the kraken scale in the black body of Milo. Since Isaac's waist parts are really long, his black overalls will be covered and it will hardly make a difference for him. In the other hand, Milo will finally have the green overalls that he has in the anime. The color of Isaac's body seems to be a very nice match with Milo's anime colors! Edit: And maybe that's a solution for those who don't have Milo EX and are thinking of buying the SSCE, but also have interest in Isaak.
  2. Well, I think that the previous Tamashii Nations, generally, had a "main" new line. In some years, was the Gold Saints EX... In some posterior year, they presented both the Omega and the Legend of Sanctuary lines (which don't suceeded), and in the last two years, were the Soul of Gold and DD Panoramation lines. Since the SoG figures are coming to an end and are really supersaturated, I don't think they would be the big selling point of this Tamashii, since they're not fresh news. Also, I don't think it will be DD Panoramation either, since the new launches are really sparse, which indicates (for me) that it's not selling all that well. That being said, I think there is three major possibilities: 1 - The main figures of this Tamashii will be the EX lines of Poseidon and Surplice Saints (with Afrodite, Aiacos returning and Shion premiering); 2 - Saintia Sho or the Netflix series will receive a new line; 3 - Bandai will start yet another new line (like a SHFiguarts one) of classic characters. (MORE GOLD SAINTS!!!!!!! :Face (26): ) It's not impossible that the two last possibilities happen, but I think the first one is more real. I think it's pretty reasonable to assume they will show Poseidon EX again, probably with his Scale this time, and Shion Surplice EX as well. I would say that Kraken Isaak is also a safe bet. As for other figures, I don't think they will show either new God Warriors (because the popularity of this saga in Japan is low, and I think Siegfried will be a test if this line is viable or no, then they will start working on new prototypes) and I think that Elysium EX figures are also difficult to appear (not because I don't think they will have EX versions, but I think this is not the time, and they will save them for last, after the Poseidon and main Specters are already launched). Aaaand... I think it's pretty much the time that a new set of Bronze saints receive a new version. I think both v1 and v3 EX would be plausible. The v1 could go with the Revival versions of the Gold Saints (like Seiya v1 EX launching in similar date to Aiolia Revival; Hyoga v1 together with Milo Revival, etc...) and the v3 would go well with the current Specters (Minos, Aiacos, Shion). So I would not be surprised if one of this lines appear, I just don't know which one. Lyra Orphee EX would also be a good bet, if v3 EX happens. And finally, for the Myth Cloth 1.0, I don't know what to expect. Maybe Atlas, maybe another Silver Saint (probably Capella, to go with Dante, or Moses, because he was the 5th in the survey Bandai took) or maybe another Specter (maybe Sylphid or Giganto, for similar reasons). But I don't know, really. None of them seems very possible. One character that is practically impossible, but I would like very much, is Cepheus Albiore, master of Shun in the Anime. But I think it's a really difficult possibility. Summarizing: - Pretty much possible figures do expect: Poseidon with Scale EX, Shion Surplice EX, Kraken Isaak EX - Lower possibility ones, but would make sense: Bronze v1 or v3 EX, remaining Poseidon EX figures, Orphee EX, one or two of the following: Atlas/Capela/Moses/Giganto/Sylphid, Saintia Sho or Netflix new line - Very difficult to see: Elysium EX, other God Warriors EX - Impossible, but I would like a lot: Cepheus Albiore
  3. Te quieres decir, el cabello de Sapuri 1.0 en el Gold EX? En este caso, puedo contribuir: Camus Gold EX + Tiara EX + Cabeza Sapuri 1.0
  4. Creo que esto tambien justifica lo cambio en el diseño de la caja, y porque nos mandan el cuerpo por separado...
  5. I'm somewhat dissapointed with this figure. After 10/10 figures like Myu and Pharaoh, this one right here have several flaws... I don't understand why Bandai didn't use the same hand model of Myu and Pharaoh that are more proportional, instead of this short and "fatty" ones. That made me remember the first Myth Cloths. And, another problem: the normal version just bring 2 types of hands: closed ones and the pair to hold the whip. It don't even bring any type of opened hands! Last, but not least, the neutral face is really getting me upset. The one that comes with the figure is too "happy", considering the character. At least, the one with the eyes closed seems to be more appropriate, being more serious.
  6. Yo ya lo dejo aqui mi torcida por Minos  :a: Que uno de los rostos sea de la sonrisa maléfica!
  7. De acuerdo contigo, FerGob. Las 2 figuras son brutales!  :Face (35): Lo recomiendo intentar a posar como yo: apoyar la harpa con las dos manos, con la derecha sosteniendo las cuerdas con los dedos índice e medio.  
  8. In my opinion, figures that took almost or more than 10 years to be released in the Myth Cloth line have a slim chance, if any, to receive an EX version. The specters and silver saints are relatively secondary characters that are struggling to receive figures in the 1.0 line, and the ones that have enough luck to be launched are in pair with the current EX figures in terms of aesthetics.   So, if Charon, Pharaoh, Myu, Valentine and Lune are characters that you'd like to have represented in your figure collection, I would totally recommend to acquire them in the 1.0 line. They're easily one of the best looking figures launched so far and are extremely faithful recreations of the surplices seen in the anime/manga.    I have a collection of both 1.0 and EX figures, and the secondary specters are one of my favorites, they go well with the Surplice EX figures (Radamanthys, Shura, Deathmask...) despite being roughly 1 cm smaller in height than they.
  9. I agree. The prototype of Poseidon is still very raw at this moment, since they didn't even show his scale. I think that the Tamashii in December may focus mostly on the Marine EX line, but I find more real to expect that Poseidon will only come after some of his generals are announced.   By looking the DDP prototypes of the Poseidon Saga, I think that the next one in Poseidon EX line will be Isaak. Just at looking to Isaak DDP, we can see that he is the most different from the Myth Cloth 1.0 Isaak, instead, having a scale much more closer to the EX proportions, including a new headsculpt with much more detailed hair. However, the other generals in DDP, excluding Sorento and Kanon, seems to be closer to his Myth Cloth 1.0 counterparts. So, I think that Bandai already have an advanced prototype of Isaak EX.
  10. I think that the Tamashii in Mexico didn't dissapointed at all. To be honest, I was expecting far less news about the MC and MCEX lines that the actual amount of figures showcased.   Considering that we've come from almost two years of only DDP and SoG news, it's refreshing to see another Silver Saint, a Specter MC, a character from the movies, an Asgard Warrior in EX, the return of the Kyotos and Afrodite EX...   The only thing that I honestly think that could be better, is that the event had no Marine Warriors at all. I was hoping that Kraken Isaak EX would appear. But well...     Since the SoG line finishes with Dohko (I hope) and the DDP lines can coexist in months that we already see a regular launch (like Lune and Shura DDP in June), the calendar from June to December can be highly expected to follow the figures that we see in this event. So, except from 2 months reserved to Dohko SoG and the Hyoga+Camus pack in DDP, we have 4 free months to receive news in the MC and MCEX lines.   Based by this, I think we will see the announces of:   June/July: Minos EX. The prototype is basically finished since it appeared in 2016 Tamashii. I think it is the most probable to be announced right now. June/July/August: Cerberus Dante. We haven't seem a Silver Saint since Tremy in 2015. Afrodite, Aiacos and Queen would probably be saved for later, since we have Camus Surplice, Minos and Lune already launching this year, so Dante would fit well here. July/August: Dohko SoG. It won't last more than 2 or 3 months later than Afrodite SoG, so he'll probably be announced in these months. September/October: Siegfried EX. It looks already finished and fairly polished, so I expect he'll come soon. October/November: Abel. He was the #1 of the MC list. I honestly feel nothing for his figure, it doesn't appeal to me at all, but I think Bandai will finally commercialize the figure after all these years from his first appearance in 2012. September/October/November: Camus and Hyoga DDP.   So, after this list, I think it's more acceptable that we didn't see any news on the Marine Generals EX line, since we have pretty much enough launches for the next 6 months. So, I think the Tamashii in Japan in December will highly focus on the Poseidon EX line, and maybe we can see anymore surprises, like Capella, Sylphid or Shion Surplice EX.   All that I know is that I'm far more excited for the Myth Cloth and Myth Cloth EX lines now that the SoG is coming to an end, and Bandai showcase a whole new bunch of figures from multiple lines.
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