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  1. Avec la hausse des prix sur Hadès, j entends tterminer les marinas EX et les Asgards, je ne me verrai pas proposer une version d un chevalier d argent à 150€!
  2. Finaly you really have a good price in Spain, in France webstore offer it for a minimum of 160€!
  3. i was wondering if it didn t exist already as on Nin Nin several of u recevied a notification to inform us that Hades Ex was online but jsut the time to click on it and it was already sould out!
  4. Personnaly, i don t believe in this theory again, obviously i think there is more demand for an Hades Ex than an Aiacos Ex
  5. So finally they lunch the pre order on Nippon Yassan at the price of 15 200 Yens please confirm but it's out of stock already
  6. Lol i received it as well at 8:52 local french time :D
  7. Rien que pour votre information, j'ai enfin pu attraper 1pcs d'Io de Scylla EX dans un magasin belge. Je me demandais d'où cela pouvait venir et comme surprise, il semble que ce soit en stock chez SD Distribuciones .. .Une vraie honte! C'est sans dire qu'ils me baisent de 197 € pour l'avoir
  8. Am I the only one witohut my Io de Scylla here? How many new figurines @Elpuñodeldragon received? Coz i didn t receive any notification that he got parts on stock and he refund me already (thank you to him but i would preafer to give him money in exchange of a Io de Scylla lol)
  9. @Elpuñodeldragon I log in in your new website, looks very cool. However when i enter my adress i can't select my country (France), as it s only appear Spain and United States of America. Hope you appreciate our feedback.
  10. ahaha don 't think i underestimate Spanish people , it s absolutely not the case but i thought it wasn't suitable to speak english (as i didn t read the rules of the forum). anyway in general on the forum i don t like to express my feelings expect for this time but i m laughing coz i realize spanish or french are like latin cousin as i feel we have hot blood when we re getting screwed
  11. Pacheco, this is a point of view but personaly i follow with interteres this forum for the quality of the publication and of course for the possiiblity to reserve figurines for a competitive price however i didn t participate much coz i can t speak spanish and don t need to disturb much people by writting english, so i don't understand why bcoz of my low participation i shouldn t have access to the offer of the partner of the forum. And i think the strategy of El Puno or Rokus before were to make bulk order in order to give good price to the customer but although to make more money through the volume he sell ;)
  12. Unfortunately i don t have twitter acount but if we have a direct link to bandai i m ready to register nd add a complain. Personnaly i m memeber of french forum about myth cloth and i didn t have any feedback regarding a lower stcok dispatched to the shop. I personnaly think the problem may come from SD as a local distributor. Moreover i received a message from EL Puno Del Drago precising he may send a message to Bandai from Japan...I think the mos timportant is that Bandai could carify his position and announce clearly if the company can produce other stock of Scylla soon
  13. Feel so disapointed, Io Scylla is out of stock every here including in France. Except spending over 250€ we definitely can ' tget it at a reasonable price! I m really getting angry coz we have no alternative to find this figurine. Bandai political distribution really sucks! Maybe a good point to stop the collection! Is there anybody know how to send a message to bandai japan?
  14. And unfortunately you even didn 't have stock for the people who pre order long time ago...Bandai really sucks and this figurine gonna become unreasonnably expensive! What shall we expect for the coming figurines?
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