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  1. I received the shipment notification this morning from Nippon Yasan. Did you buy it at Nippon Yasan? In this case, maybe you can write them to ask news from your order.
  2. Ares is no more available at NY. Usually it happens more quickly. Maybe Ares does not please the collecters.
  3. Hello, Why do you tell that this figure is limited? The preorder stops on the 20th of June. So until this date you can preorder it. There are no limited stock until this date. After this date, Bandai will produce Chrysaor in the right quantity and maybe more but until then we can not tell that this figure is a flop based on the fact that it's still available. Its availability is a normal thing because there is no limit until end of june. Hence the price that is still the same from the beginning (without limited stock, there is no interest in highering the price like NY is used to). You can find this date here: https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000134240/?_ga=2.36263465.867440187.1559566388-2069592189.1537344821 I'm not discussing the price (I personally think it's high). I just don't understand why you tell that it's a limited stock. Am I wrong? (maybe I misunderstood the system)
  4. I'm not telling to buy outside Spain. I'm showing that NY speculates (alright it's not a secret from many years now). Loranzo is showing the price from NY, I'm showing the price they put in the first place. Lucky for you, you are in Spain. People from other countries may not have the chance to buy it at such a low price.
  5. At first, the price was 5820 yens. You must be ready from the beginning in order to have one before NY speculates.
  6. And another problem is the fact that a lot of scenes like this one are just power point slides without any animation (it's a shame for a company named Toei ANIMATION).
  7. The color is completely new. Here is the original color :
  8. Waw it's huge. I like it, very nice work. What's the size?
  9. Because the box design was made before Kanon appears in the anime and before the final color was decided. Kanon was evil so maybe they thought he could have the same head as Evil Saga. The vintage figure was out in November 1988. Kanon appears in the anime in February 1989. This other illustration has the same hair color:
  10. When you look at these pictures, this is not "imperial sloan" but "imperial throne". In my opinion, the word "sloan" was a mistake from the japanese pronunciation. "Sloan" does not exist in english.
  11. The pillar inside the Lightning Plasma is a good idea. I like it. And your baby Saori is excellent too.
  12. I really like this kind of thorough work. Great job!
  13. OK, thank you for the information. Cygnus V2 is the only one with the yellowish tint in my collection.
  14. I have the same problem with Cygnus V2 (the old one, not the EX). The person who sold me the Cygnus V2 was smoking a lot. Maybe it's because of the smoke.
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