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  1. Follow the information on the Mysterious Seiya of Pegasus V2, information taken from the upcoming magazine Saint Cloth Mythology and translated by Leonardo Higa. "In the design of this new line, are two responsible and both are analyzing based on the items that have emerged to date from the Saint Seiya Series, where they pointed out the weaknesses of everything that has been created so far, based on that are developing a new line. The weaknesses cited by the project leaders were: - Removable armatures; - Objects; - The use of diecast in the armors; This new line will be articulated, but with fixed and totally plastic reinforcements, where they are light and favor in the movement of the figure, besides the cost factor. They want a more natural figure possible with the traditional fabric uniform. On the new line, they were thinking of doing as the SHF line, however the scale would not allow to do something rich in details and would also affect the mold of the bodies. Then the scale will be the same as the Cloth Myth (You can not tell whether it will be Saint Cloth Myth or EX, but half way). The team itself is still divided over the design and modifications, but said they will be like different things, whoever wants removable armor will have the Cloth Myth's and EX, and whoever opts for fixed armor and a more faithful proportion, will have this new line, where the focus is fidelity. This new line is not confirmed yet, they are studying how to move the pieces of armor and used clothing. The magazine itself focuses on the line Saint Cloth Myth and EX, in the part of the Abel does not bring any information about new releases, the silhouette of the Knights of the Sun Crown, are just the profile of the characters, that's all. Curiosity Kamem Rider figuarts uses the G3 body of the Cloth Myth. " These are the information translated by the friend Leonardo Higa, who did the translation of the magazine and passed the information about the new line! Cloth Myth Revolution
  2. Muchas gracias amigo. Este juego es un clásico
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