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  1. It's true: usually end of december is the time for regular preorders for may. End of november/mid december: time for TWS preorders for may. The problem is that we don't know now if Bandai thinks that there are still myth that could be released as regulars. Marina Shogun EX are TWS, probably God Warriors EX will be TWS from Hagen. Then what? Maybe Mayura could be regular because Shoko it was? (but not Kyoko). Pegasus Manga because it's a first time release? I dont' know what could be a regular release in 2020.
  2. Do you really want Cyd and Bud in the same box? Why? Bandai could put them in the same box, but with only a body....
  3. i remember when in Lucca they brought Valentine Harpy, not shown at Tamashii Nation a week before. But it was long time ago. Probably now it's not anymore time for this kind of surprises.
  4. You think there is a chance we see some new myth in Lucca or in Barcellona? Sometimes it happened.
  5. I hope you understand my very bad english (and i'm terrible sorry i can't write in spanish). Bandai, and all the toys factories, many times in order to keep surviving a toy line they need to sell recolor or recycled version of already realesed toys. It's a known fact: recolors help to sell something at the minimum cost, the costs of new projects are high for a company. So let's see in the last years how the saint cloth myth line went (let's exclude exclusives, only normal and TWS releases): 2015: 8 new models (2 marina shogun EX, 3 SOG EX, 1 gold surplice EX, 2 classics) and 2 recolor/recycled. 2016: 5 new models (5 SOG EX) and 1 recolor/recycled. 2017: 6 new models (4 SOG EX, 1 gold surplice EX, 1 classic) and 2 recolor/recycled. 2018: 7 new models (1 marina shogun EX, 2 Kyoto EX, 1 SOG EX, 3 classic) and 9 recolor/recycled. 2019: 7 new models (2 marina shogun EX, 2 gold surplices EX, 1 god warrior EX , 1 classic and the fire clock) and 7 recolor/recycled. In the last two years the number of recolor/recycled went way up...this means they need to make more money in order to do new projects or continuing old lines with characters they need to re-shape from the beginning. So even for the 2020 i expect 6 or 7 new molded myth (we already know Alraune and Scylla EX...and maybe Hagen EX) and many other recolor/recycled subjects (as Libra Shiryu is).
  6. too many new moldes models. In the last years Bandai released maximum 7 new moldes myth. All the rest is recolor/recycled myth.
  7. I think that the saint cloth myth line is keeping itself alive more with recycled subjects than with high sold items. Tamashii Nation 2018 was poor of news to. I expect for 2020 a year like the last ones with 6-7 new subjects and all the rest would be recolor o recycled. 2020 we a have already Alraune myth and Scylla Ex as new molded items. So we could expect a new marina shogun EX, Hagen, Pegasus V1 Manga and 1 or 2 things (Mayura? Another God Warrior EX? the last Marina Shougun EX? we'll see...)
  8. Mimilax


    How many of you have problems with Nippon Yasan that doesn't ship anymore? They made me wait a month for Aries Shion, and now the same with Krishna. I want to cancel my order with them, if i have to wait so much i prefer buy somewhere else, the prices are the same.
  9. i thought Moses Whale proto had the body of Bear Geki
  10. maybe in a diorama with the others marina shogun
  11. I think Docrates will be the next myth for pleasing the foreign market: first Abel, then Siegfried EX. The next step in a year or two will be Docrates. They should use the Thor body if they haven't destroyed the stamp.
  12. Yes, i think that too. In classic line they printed 3-4 times (first release, restock, oce and 10th anniversary) but V4 go well with Hypnos and Thanatos that they not announced yet in EX format. V3 with specter, that Bandai is releasingin classic line but compatible with EX form.
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