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  1. In one of the last interviews they said they wanted to end the line of OCE gold EX in 2020. I imagine they wanted to end with the exclusive of TN 2020. Obviously if Taurus is the exclusive of TN in october it will be also released in 2021 as lottery. But we really dont't what could be plan B if there is not Tamashii Nation. Because according the plan A Taurus OCE is a figure ready to be releasd for the autumn, if they intended to end the line for this year. Btw Wonderfestival for this yaear is already canceled.
  2. They could also use the slot of october for the distribution of Taurus OCE if they canceled the TN.
  3. EX with prominent wings: Minos, Aiacos, Rhadamantis and 13 SOG.
  4. I think tha serie isn't selling well as a manga too. It's sad because Mayura was an original project. Instead the serie was used to create recycled myth as SSE Milo, Ares Saga and Kyoko. The only original character of the serie was Shoko and she went badly too.
  5. Because Bandai is very slow with this line, i think we will be lucky if we have this planning for classics in the next years: 2020: Alraune and Jamian (already confirmed) 2021: Basilisk and Moses 2022: Minotaurus and Asterion 2023: Gigant and Auriga
  6. Very good news, only 4 months after Scylla. Maybe we will end the line for december 2019/january 2020.
  7. Maybe it is a positive thing. Gigant, Geki revival and Moses need the same G3 type of body.
  8. I think they are testing the market. The last survey was in december: in 3 months they can't program the planning for so many myth. They are testing all the possible names.
  9. Have you seen the La Mole poll for asking the next saint cloth myth? Very different frome the previous one. But. Both in both the polls Gigant is missed between the choices. In the poll of La Mole we have all the possible surplices, even Cube, Mills and Ochs. But no Gigant. And the same thing in the previous poll. It's a strange coincidence that no one put him in the poll. Maybe because they already know Bandai has him in the planning?
  10. So we only miss Aldebaran. At this speed it will be released soon, ant the esclusive of Tamashii Nations will be a complete surprise (unless it will be Pegasus manga ver.)
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