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  1. Revival of Ikki V2 is maybe to prepare the announcemente of Lymnades EX, that is the last of marina shogun, so not a great surprise. So for now 2021 in two months is 2 revival and a recolor. Bandai for the cash!
  2. Ok, march: let's save some money! EDIT: actually, it's february. So there still a chance for a TWS in march.
  3. The only chance yo have it, i think, it will be when the Final Edition of the manga of Saint Seiya will be released in Japan. It was supposed to be released this summer, but it was postponed. Let's see in the future if this delay affected the release of the myth too.
  4. The silver saint needs more a revival/EX version is Lizard Misty.
  5. considering the other anniversary figures maybe OCE Metal Body Hades, Poseidon and Pegasus God Cloth (if it will be released). In the case of classics we had ACE, just because they released oce version before. But it could be even something new like Athena was for 10th anniversary and Pegasus Tenkai was for classics 15th anniversary.
  6. At the situation of today (considering the lines started) these are the figures i expect to see in the next years. God Warriors EX: Phekda Thor, Alioth Fenrir, Benetnasch Mime, Megres Alberich, Alcor Bud, Odin Seiya. Total: 6 Marina Shogun EX: Lymnades Kaysa. Total: 1 Elysion EX Metal Body: God of Death Thanatos, God of Sleep Hypnos, Pegasus Seiya God Cloth,Dragon Shiryu God Cloth, Cygnus Hyoga God Cloth, Andromeda Shun God Cloth, Phoenix Ikki God Cloth. Total: 7 Gold (bronze) Saints EX: Leo Ikki, Virgo Shun. Total: 2 Golden Bronze V2 EX: Dragon Shiryu, Phoenix
  7. and don't forget the 6 gold surplices OCE in EX Metal Body...
  8. revival and recolor are necessary for the survival of the line, because they cost almost zero to Bandai in production. We will see the usual amount of new things, but "refritos" will always be around.
  9. The fact it is an EX Metal Body will lead for sure to an Hades OCE, maybe for the anniversary of the EX line.
  10. what the hell is wrong with that baby athena? anyway, so ex metal body for the gold saints can wait for the moment.
  11. Arrived today, i have to say: in the pictures i really wasn't convinced by the sculpt of the face. Now i have it, i couldn't be more wrong, the sculpt is very good. That is why always prefer judge a myth when i have it. For the good and for the bad.
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