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  1. Yes. In the interview next the images of Revival Jabu, they said Bandai want to end OCE gold in 2020. In the same interview they said they want to do all 5 bronze V1 manga (obviously in more years) because they have few pieces. And if Jabu sells well they release another bronze minor revival.
  2. Mimilax


    I made three paypal disputes with Nippon Yasan and i won all three. I had my order sent the first time, and my money back the second and third times. I have no more account or orders with them, but this is for the best: i want my preorders shipped when the item is released not after a month or two. And thei prices went very worst, so who cares if i have no more account with them, i find the myth anyway.
  3. When the event in Mexico is supposed to be? Maybe we'll see the prototype of Jamian or a third god warrior EX (that i expect for the end of 2020 or january 2021). EX Sea Horse Baian i supposed october-november. Anyway for the end of 2020 Bandai wanted to end the line of Gold OCE EX (so it was written in the last magazines) and tehy wanted to start the V1 manga.So i think the other months would be filled with these releases. And, if Jabu will sell well another revival bronze.
  4. The problem is: after they show Mayura at the TN of 2018 (so a year and a half ago) they released Ares Saga and Kyoko. Two recolor/recycled products. No Mayura. I will be happy to buy Mayura, but Bandai used the anime of Saintia Sho only to release recycled products. Not for new molded one. Until now only Shoko is a new projected myth, she is the only character brought by the anime in the collection.
  5. I hope they continue with completely new projects. Hoping in Saintia Sho it means hoping in recolor and recycled myth.
  6. Mimilax


    uhm, after a month they usually ship all the items. It's happened to me for Shion and Krishna. But when this was happening again for Siegfried i didn't want to buy from them anymore (consider i have been their customer for more than 7 years, so they start in the last months to act like this). They refunded me Siegfried and i bought it from Anime Export, shipped two days after and i saved 15-20 € from the price of Nippon Yasan.
  7. Mimilax


    I don't know. First of all look in paypal how much time you have before the time for a paypal dispute expires. And then it depends on you. If you want the item try a little longer to send messages to them. If you only wants your money back you can open a paypal dispute but remember that they will cancel all your orders and account.
  8. Mimilax


    Its 15 years i buy saint cloth myth from Japan, 7 years from Nippon Yasan. I never had so many troubles like 2019 i had with Nippon Yasan, something happened with their site, i don't know but surely something has changed. I waited a month after the release for the shipping of Aries Shion surplice. I waited another month after the release of Chrysaor Krisna and i opened a paypal dispute. The very next day after i opened the paypal dispute they shipped to me the myth. I waited 20 days after the release for Siegfried, i opened another paypal dispute. They refunded me and close my account. All these myth i paid months in advance for the preorder, so they should have them in stock. Otherwhise you had to close the preorder. They are the same that cancel my Aiacos EX preorder after a week i preordered it because they receive a cut of the stock. Then a week before the release they opened another preorder for almost the double of the retail price. But, unfortunetely for them, Aiacos after the release became very easy to buy (if you know where to buy, not watching the same three sites) and they had to highly lower the price. So i don't know how i can trust this site anymore. They made a good job (with some bad things) for 6 years i bought from them, but now it is time to say goodbye to them.
  9. Mimilax


    you can open in the 6 months after the payment, watch your history of payment on paypal and go on the paymentof Krishna. They give you all the info. But you considere that if you open a paypal dispute with Nippon Yasan they will cancel your account and the other orders. So consider the option only if you don't want to buy from them anymore.
  10. Mimilax


    Sorry for the english, i've been refunded recently and i read that if you paid with the paypal money you got refunded on paypal credit. If you pay (through paypal) with the money of the credit card, the money of credit card go back on the card. I have this problem with my credit card (i used for paying an order on nippon yasan that will be refunded) that it's no more valid and the money will go on that card and i don't know how i will receive the money back.
  11. Mimilax


    Got a refund for Siegfried EX that they don't ship. With that money i bought it on Anime Export where it is at a lower price, and for sure at a lower shipping cost.
  12. I think Siegfried shouldn't be eligible for a vote, because almost no one outside Japan received it. So what do you judge? the pictures? I vote for: 1) Aries Shion surplice EX 2) Kraken Isaac EX 3) Aphrodite Pisces surplice EX 4) Chrysaor Krishna EX In general it has been a very weak year with no very interesting myth, Santia Sho has slown down the line with unuseful releases. We hope for 2020 to see more interesting things in the classic line. And for the EX i hope something from the elysion to improve certain characters.
  13. Mimilax


    Still they don't ship my Siegfried. For Krishna (i waited a month after the release) i opened a paypal dispute, and the day after they shipped to me...
  14. Mimilax


    They became awful. I suspended to buy from them, but i have already paid Siegfried EX (that they didn't ship to me yet) and Alraune.
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