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  1. on some stores for Ophiucus OCE i noticed they asked directly for a kidney, it saves time
  2. Yes the colour is different, no photoshop, they wrote on the tamashii page. Only after the release we'll see how much different.
  3. still not convinced about the color, not enough red. I will wait the release for understand the difference with the old one. If it is a little difference as it seems now i keep my old one.
  4. shown at Tamashi Nations, reviewed on the magazines but never announced.
  5. I think @Lvera14 is referring to the fact that Libra Shiryu was announced on the magazines for april 2019, and then pushed forward (or maybe it was a mistake of magazines) to february 2020.
  6. the only line concluded is the V1, very confusing way to deal with the re-issues/reprints. Many open lines, but maybe they have the feedback for single character and not for category.
  7. do you know if the hair is compatible with the previous Goku?
  8. una pregunta: no black hair for the new black goku?
  9. Anniversary EX. Por classics (10th Athena/God Cloth anniversary color - 15th Pegasus Tenkai/Gods anniversary color) el anuncio fu 4 meses antes del lanzamiento. Primeros dias de marzo si sale algo in julio, primeros dias de abril si sale algo in agosto. Asì los proximos anuncios podrian ser: - anniversary agosto (en julio es dificil porque tenemos Sky Saint, en agosto Thetis pero es TWS). Anniversary son salidas regulares por lo general. - TWS septiembre
  10. @Loranzoi think Thetis Revival is TWS, i know it's weird because we never see revival on TWS but a translator told me that.
  11. The request is so high that it wasn't possible they don't do a re-release. Think of Perfect Cell: three releases, but the first is still very requested because it's the right color. Black Goku with the new pink is unwatchable for me, but i like it more the character with black hair.
  12. For the Ex line you mean Sorrento Asgard ver.? The old book boxes were the best.
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