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  1. Maybe DAM could spoiler something that will be not shown at the Tamashii Nation as Kraken EX 2 years ago and Chrysaor EX last year.
  2. Now for the 2020 we have potentially 3 myth in 3 months (Alraune, Libra Shiryu EX and Aquarius OCE on TWS) so i think is good. Bandai usually realeases 5-6 new molded myth for year plus a certain number of recolor or re-use of already molded pieces (refritos), so i don't expect so much from Tamashii Nation in terms of releases for 2020. We know that many myths shown in the past had release many years later.
  3. Queen de Alraune - 11.000 Yen (japanese taxes included) https://tamashii.jp/item_character/saint_seiya_series/
  4. 4000 yen de mas. The price is 11.000 yen: https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000138395/?_ga=2.63361132.253245754.1567668564-655240799.1444904147 It's a very bad price anyway, on nin nin is above 13.000 yen but it's closed. We'll see on the yahoo auctions
  5. In the end is limited to 2 copies for customer, and it costs 11.000 yen instead of 10.000 as the first magazines wrote. You can't pose in the Blood Flower Scissors, because of the old 3G body as you couldn't pose (well) Camus and Hyoga in Aurora Execution.
  6. I told you it would be almost impossible see a TWS preorder (and gallery) the same day of regular preorders. Unless two products are related one to another. Let's see in the rest of the week ;)
  7. I don't speak spanish, but this is the only big place to discuss saint cloth myth line. I collect since 2004, first myth Leo Aiolia and then all the rest. I hope to see classic line more and more complete, not the same about EX line that i collect anyway.
  8. logically not on the same date of regular products, since Alraune is sold on Tamashii Web Shouten. It can be sold even tomorrow.
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