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  1. Fake DDP muy caro, sin templo no tiene sentido
  2. Yo creo que el proximo myth sera un TWS, Lymandes o un refrito/recolor o un clásico (Capella? o surplice?). Un myth regular podría ser un god warrior EX o un Elysion EX o un revival (como Unicorn Jabu).
  3. You can see in these first months of 2021 how the new management has changed kind of planning with a lot of recolor/reprint/revival. In the EX line they kinda put in a little pause marina shogun and god warriors, and they will release first Hades and Pegasus V3 than Lymnades and a new gw. Maybe because Hades and Pegasus are characters that they can be re-used in a future for a recolor.
  4. Mimilax

    Hades EX

    Big box, big shipping cost. Not good.
  5. Mimilax

    Hades EX

    on preorder on Anime Export at 19800 yen: http://www.anime-export.com/product/50375
  6. Mimilax

    Hades EX

    yep Japan cares nothing about Christmas, it's a day like others over there. But they care about the last day of the year, so here you go. For me it's good because i couldn't preorder it, and for the 26 i'm sure i will be ready. Hoping nobody will fall on the the first days of speculation bay the shop online. P.S. maybe some shop could open a mini preorder before the release
  7. thanks Bandai! with this kind of extra i don't risk to buy Capricorn EX another time
  8. i hope Lymnades EX. Last year, TN 2019 gave to us no clue about future releases because Scylla and Hagen were already announced, Cancer and Capricorn OCE were in TN expositions for years. Then in august we had Baian (not seen at TN), september Jamian (not seen at TN), november Mizar Cyd (not seen at TN).
  9. what we see new at the TN (especially in the last years) often is not what we see on sale in may and june. I assume Lymnades, a god warrior or even Thanatos are still more probable than we have seen at the TN.
  10. Whale Moses, for his bigger body,was difficult for Bandai (and for "difficult" i mean to propose on sale at a good price, for Bandai nothing is impossible to make, the difficult is in costs). Then we have seen Jamian, and they sold it. Now we see Capella. And i am start to think they change direction, they are going for characters easy to make in silver saints line. We'll see.
  11. With Bandai everything is possible. In 2010 we have seen V1 and god cloth at the same time, for example Hyoga in god cloth in july and Hyoga in V1 in october. Using logic i can assume one Pegasus in the last semester of 2020, and one Pegasus in the first of 2021. Or all together for the 10th anniversary of EX line... I assume Odin Seiya could be one of the last releases for the god warriors line, that if it continues with this rythm will end in 2024. At this point at the end of god warrios line i won't be surprised if we will see the v1 in ex line.
  12. Ok. No Lymnades, no new god warrior. Maybe the next releases (except Shura revival) are not in this Tamashii. Or Bandai is stretching his calendar as usual. Auriga is good news, but maybe this (plus the abscence of bronze minor revival) means the new management abandoned some projects? I'm referring obviously to the idea we made about oversized myth that could bring to us Geki Revival, Moses, etc...let's hope not. Minos OCE and Aiacos OCE will be the new Aquarius Hyoga and Libra Shiryu: Bandai wil use them to fill some empty months in the calendar. Pegasus God
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