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Sagittarius Cloth Assembly Metal Model [BN METAL WORKS]

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Sagittarius Cloth Assembly Metal Model BN METAL WORKS


Sagittarius in golden fabric. Made of 430 stainless steel gold plated for luster and elegance.
The product is available in 6 pieces of 11 cm x 21 cm in stainless steel sheet. Exquisitely crafted, easy to assemble, sturdy and won't fade easily.
Dimensions are H 160mm x D 200mm x W 130mm when assembled.
The assembly difficulty is level B (moderate). It takes 12 hours to assemble approx. Total 400 pieces. Date 03/2023.


lVjZx4ED_o.jpg M7uycMEO_o.jpg YdrfnOGR_o.jpg 7XMlC59j_o.jpg vZCP487Z_o.jpg

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En 21/4/2023 a las 14:46, eject dijo:

Ya disponible parece:

        uPHX2s1v_o.jpg 5QKQDzyD_o.jpg BWwAYSmC_o.jpg umzferaf_o.jpg ShVx5b4E_o.jpg FsPbedNq_o.jpg v32jU5YM_o.jpg


En cuanto a sitios de venta, no lo he visto en demasiados. Aliexpress por ejemplo.


... y así es como se ve el hijo de Saint Seiya con IKEA.  :P

Muy impresionante, por otro lado. 



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