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Tamashii Nations 2021 Online [19/21 November 2021]

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  • Loranzo changed the title to Tamashii Nations 2021 Online [19/21 November 2021]

Last year at Tamashii Nation 2020, there were some cool new things on display ! ...Many figurines on display were released from November 2020 to June 2021!

EX Pegasus Seiya V3 ~Final Bronze Cloth~ DISPONIBLE
EX Metal Meiou Hades DISPONIBLE
EX Metal Rhadamanthys Wyvern ~ OCE ~ DISPONIBLE
EX Sagittarius Seiya Gold24K DISPONIBLE
EX Shura Capricorn ~ Revival ~ DISPONIBLE
EX Aiolos Sagittarius ~ Revival ~ DISPONIBLE


EX Metal Griffon Minos ~OCE~ DISPONIBLE January 2022

Capella Auriga DISPONIBLE November 2021


EX Metal Pegasus Seiya V4 ~God Cloth~

EX Libra Shiryu Gold24K
EX Aquarius Hyoga Gold24K

EX Metal Aiacos Garuda ~OCE~


3 Silvers classic (Jamian, Dante, Algol)
10 Gold EX
Siegfried Dubhe EX, Hagen Merak EX


So I think that for this Tamashii there, we will not be disappointed ! :cool:

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