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J Model: Deathmask de Cancer espectro EX


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Capricornio surplice es el más barato de los tres y sacó versión pirata. En estos lares, Acuario y Piscis surplice pirata ha tenido mucha demanda.


Por otro lado, el precio de Cáncer surplice se ha incrementado bastante.

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En 9/1/2021 a las 15:13, castielus dijo:

I don't think many will buy Cancer Surplice.... Bandai's price is still affordable. In my own experience in selling JM Surplice line, not many customers are interested in buying Aquarius and Pisces Surplice.... 

 Bandai's price is still affordable? is it? last I checked here...you could find Cancer surplice for over 215 american dollars...so not that affordable...at least not here. I'd gladly welcome a JM Cancer

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