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REVIVAL Resumen [Classic /EX]

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Saint Cloth Myth line (Classic / EX) REVIVAL recap


Classic ~ Revival ~
Phoenix Ikki ~Early Bronze Cloth~
7,480Y - Release July 2018




Andromeda Shun ~Early Bronze Cloth~
7,480Y - Release August 2018





Pegasus Seiya ~Early Bronze Cloth~
7,480Y - Release September 2018




Dragon Shiryu ~Early Bronze Cloth~
7,480Y - Release June 2019





Cygnus Hyoga ~Early Bronze Cloth~
7,480Y - Release July 2019




Unicorn Jabu ~Early Bronze Cloth~

8,250Y - Release July 2020






EX Gemini Saga ~Revival~
8,800Y - Release May 2017




EX Virgo Shaka ~Revival~
10,120Y - Release September 2017




EX Leo Aiolia ~Revival~
8,800Y - Release April 2018





EX Pisces Aphrodite ~Revival~
9,900Y - Release September 2020




EX Sagittarius Aiolos ~Revival~
11,000Y - Release January 2021



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Tamashii Blog

Saint Cloth Myth line (Classic / EX) REVIVAL History


Newborn bronze sacred clothing ~Revival version~ started !

"Saint Cloth Myth" "Saint Cloth Myth EX" Follow the trajectory of bronze sacred clothes


Following the Golden Saint Cloth currently being released from "Saint Cloth Myth EX",

the long-awaited revival of the Bronze Saint Cloth wearing a new bronze saint has begun !
To commemorate this,  let's look back on the bronze sacred clothing in the TV animations of "Saint Cloth Myth" and "Saint Cloth Myth EX"

that have been released so far, and follow the trajectory.




First of all, the early bronze sacred clothing series of "Saint Cloth Myth" developed from 2010.
Wearing these sacred clothes featuring heavy equipment that was boldly changed from the original, Seiya and others fought from the Galactic War (Galaxian Wars) to the Sanctuary Twelve Palaces. Coupled with the visuals of the bronze saints drawn in the OP,

it can be said that it is an impressive existence that determined the image of the TV animation "Saint Seiya".

It was the first series released in "Saint Cloth Taikei," which is the origin of "Saint Cloth Myth," and many people are familiar with it in terms of toys.

These sacred clothes have been active since the first episode in the play, but since they are the last series released in "Saint Cloth Myth" among the many bronze sacred clothes, the degree of perfection is the current eye.


Even if you look at it, it has reached a high standard.
At the same time as the completion of this early bronze garment, "Saint Cloth Myth" will move on to a new stage called "EX".




And from 2018, the revival of these early bronze sacred clothes will start.
While the basic product specifications are the same as those introduced earlier, the face parts and hair parts are newly modeled. 
Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno, who have been involved in character design for a long time in the "Knights of the Zodiac" anime series, express the beautiful patterns with high modeling power, and Mr.
Kana Minamida who has gained strong support from fans In preparation for the prototype production,
a renewal was carried out in pursuit of the early drawing of the animation.
With the addition of abundant facial expressions such as a screaming face, a play value comparable to that of "EX" has been added, which is a unique feature of the revival version.




Next, from "Saint Cloth Myth EX", we will introduce the new bronze Cloth that appeared in "Asgard Edition" in the main part of the animation.
While the release of Gold Saints has continued since the brand was launched in 2011, "Pegasus Seiya New Bronze Saint Cloth" was fully released in 2012.
The new bronze sacred clothing was released in quick succession from 2003 to 2004 as the first series of "Saint Cloth Myth", and it was a long-awaited renewal almost 10 years after that.
A series that shows users the ideal way of "EX" that continues to this day, along with the Gold Saints released at the same time, with abundant options such as proportions and mobility that have dramatically improved from past products, and multiple facial expression parts. It can be said that.





And this year, which marks the 10th anniversary of the brand, the revival of the new bronze sacred clothing has finally started!
As the first step, "Phoenix Ikki (Newborn Bronze Saint Cloth) ~Revival Version~, which newly includes the accessory "Saint Cloth Disassembly and Installation Figure" unique to the revival version EX, will be released from Saturday, February 20th. It will be on sale at general stores.
ETRUxKJ2_t.jpg CkCtXeVv_t.jpg
Phoenix Ikki, which was released early in the "EX" version of the new bronze saints, has expanded its lineup to an extent that is incomparable to that time, and now you can fully enjoy the fierce battle with strong enemies.
If you have a god warrior or a marine warrior, please try to reproduce the hot battle at hand.
Furthermore, as a limited item of Tamashii Nations' directly managed flagship shop "TAMASHII NATIONS TOKYO", the new bronze sacred clothing "GOLDEN LIMITED EDITION" is now on sale ! 
(As of February 2021, three types of "Pegasus Seiya", "Andromeda Shun", and "Cygnus Hyoga" are available)
These items express the moment when the sacred clothes revived by golden blood shine brightly by raising the microcosm (Cosmo) to the limit.
Combined with the released Mariners, the battle of the seven pillars in "Poseidon" will be revived!
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