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Hades EX

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Top Escritores en este tema

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Un regalito hecho por mi para el foro... de nada

Ahora es cuando le decimos a los del club VIP que todo era una broma y que tienen que reservar en el tema general 

Bueno, pues os contesto por aquí de manera rápida porque no he podido antes:   1º Creo que la gente no se ha dado cuenta que han llegado 4 figuras bastante esperadas en un espacio tiempo muy

@sdtano Depende... en eso, Nintendo sabe mucho (en lo de exprimir juegos antiguos). Pero coincido contigo en que nunca te cansas de ver una buena colección. 

Qué tiempos los de echar tardes y tardes a la consola. Algo se echa de menos de esa edad.


Pd: ¿son mañana los scans “oficiales”?

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hace 3 horas, hagen1978 dijo:

Insinúas q después de todo el rollo y de dos reportajes en diferentes años ... se trata solo de una articulación de codo y rodilla del color de la armadura q cada muñeco porte??

También trae un stand para poder sujetarse mejor y que no se caiga de culo por el peso de las alas.

Deberiaís de adorar a Bandai sólo por los rostros que trae.

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EX Meiou Hades

Preorders 3 August 2020






The "Saint Cloth Myth" series Clothes Removal/Removal Gimmick had a problem that the elbows and knees that would otherwise be covered with Cloth are exposed. Instead of giving up on this as the fate of the cross-removable figure, the planning staff and development staff of "Saint Cloth Myth" consider various ideas as issues to be cleared. And the answer that was derived is this "EX METAL body"





The focus of the EX version of Hades is not just the body. In order to achieve the quality suitable for the EX brand, the prototype of the head and underwear parts have been modified many times. In addition, newly reproduced parts in the play that were not in the old "Saint Cloth Myth" version are added.

The supreme Hades revives here.




For the face, the vertical width and position of the eyes and the size of the mouth are changed.

The head of the hair is sharpened while the hair bundle is increased to increase the volume.

Although this is a level of correction that cannot be recognized unless it is an enlarged view, this adjustment is greatly affected by the actual product.





Adjustment of armor parts.

The edges of the shoulder and waist parts are emphasized, and the wings on the back have a three-dimensional shape with sharpness.




The image is renewed by increasing the volume of the wings. The front parts of the shoulder and waist are also closer to the settings.




The thin cloth cloak of the former "Saint Cloth Myth" version, and the wire that can be seen in SHFiguarts (true bone engraving method), not the movable movable object like the EX golden Saint series. A cloak made of cloth is prepared.





In the "Mythology" version, only the grip of the sword is inserted into the scabbard to reproduce the stored state, but in the EX version, the sword actually comes out of the scabbard. This makes it possible to reproduce the sword removal scene in the play. In addition, a sword with a red blade will be prepared.




 Lastly, let's see a comparison between this product and the “Saint Cloth Myth” version released in 2011, and a comparison between this “EX METAL body” and the existing EX body. Of course, the degree of perfection of old products was by no means low. The molding and manufacturing technology has improved over the course of nine years, and the quality that can be achieved with mass products has been raised.
Please look forward to the evolution of the Saint Cloth Myth series.





 The joints are strengthened by making the elbows and knees die-cast, and the shoulder structure looks similar to human joints. The EX version of Hades was planned at an early stage, but due to the huge wings, the durability of the joints had become an issue.

That is why the new body was introduced to Hades, and as a result of this commercialization,

twin gods HYPNOS & THANATOS and sacred clothes are being considered for EX.




In the "Mythology" version, there were only two types: normal and face with eyes closed, but in "EX" there are five types: normal, smile, eyes closed, clenched, and screaming. Hades expresses emotions after the battle, so clenching and screaming are bloody expressions. By becoming BANDAI SPIRITS, which is developing products for adults, it has become possible to express bloodshed that was not possible with the old products.




An object form of a cloak that imitates Hades himself. Since it has not appeared in the animation work, the shape was derived by referring to the original "Clothes disassembly installation drawing". Due to the large change in the shape of the wing parts, it has a sharper image than the old product.




The pedestal part is an original toy that was added to stabilize the object. In order not to spoil the original design of the object, four patterns were examined for the size in which the Hades image is most visible.

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