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Cinema TAMASHII SH Figuarts [Open 28 May 2020]


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New site open !

Cinema TAMASHII SH Figuarts


これまで200点以上の「洋画」作品のコレクターズフィギュアを展開してきたTAMASHII NATIONS。
TAMASHII NATIONSは、洋画フィギュアファンのための“楽しむ通販フィギュアサイト”を



New site open!
TAMASHII NATIONS has been developing collector's figures for over 200 Western movies.
TAMASHII NATIONS is a "enjoy mail order figure site" for Western movie figure fans
It will be open on Thursday, May 28th.

Not only the latest information and sales of figure products, but also a column on Western-style figures, Omo-Sha Gallery,
We plan to deliver contents such as the latest movie news that you can enjoy Western movies!
Please look forward to it.





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Maldita sea, un evento de Figuarts de las películas, no digo que esté mal, bien por los coleccionistas de figuras de películas pero ¿y cuándo carajos van a sacar a las StarLights? :Face(14):


Y encima, el pollo gigante que es la Eternal y nos van a enjaretar primero, ni siquiera tiene fecha de salida aún... me rindo. :Face(26):

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