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  1. Hola a todos

    Welcome Zurdo !!!
  2. Hola a todos!!!

    Welcome Merothen !!!
  3. In a few months, a little trip to Lisbon ! you know nice places to visit for 3/4 days ? :happy:

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    2. Loranzo


      Thanks Pacheco but visit the bar, it's not my thing !:8:

    3. Pacheco


      ok but if you dont visit all bar´s......almost buy good towels:biggrin:

    4. Loranzo


      Thanks anyway Pacheco ! :laugh:

  4. Hola a tod@s

  5. The subject figuras Medicom is filled with images (since November 30, 2017) by Siegfried39 on pages 8,9,10 not belonging to the MAFEX / Medicom license! the pictures posted "style dolls collection" should go in Sideshow Collectibles or TheeZero !


  6. Holaaa

    WELCOME !!!!
  7. Hola

  8. Hello.

    Tiens, tu t'es inscrit ici, c'est plutôt étonnant ?! Bienvenue sur le forum ! :Face (7):
  9. Felicitaciones navideñas 2015/2016

    Happy New Year, Friends !   :smile: 
  10. Mi presentacion de Yannlecari :p

    bienvenue  :smile:
  11. Mi presentacion : Bouchette

    bienvenue  :onion_head_2_13801_5003_thumb:
  12. hola me llamo Santiago

    welcome  :smile:
  13. Fase previa 2 Awards SSF

    aaaaah the awards!   when I was on a French forum, there was also "awards" Unfortunately in the staff, there was a cheating adminitratreur which is added more points and to be the best! and this for all games, a shame !!! here in Saint Seiya friends, members are sincere and do not cheat! a big difference! ^^  :Face: